Power Generation

Power Generation

Mobile power generators have become crucial tools for urgent power deployment and short-term power development in many countries. We can deliver high-quality turbine power generation units faster than conventional power generators.  Additionally, Daiho Energy Services provides the Cape Support Series, a series of our specialized barges that can be integrated with dual fuel engines or turbines.



Generator/Turbine Power Generation Barge (Cape Support series)


Cape Support barge series are suitable for integration with a mobile power plant that offers reliable, fast, and flexible power. Our Generator/Turbine Power Generation Barge offers a fast solution. Its delivery time only takes between 3 to 6 months (for 120MW Pratt and Whitney Mobilepac configuration) and 9 to 12 months (for generator configuration).


Daiho Energy Services


Visit our page about Cape Support series as a power generation barge.


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