Offshore Oil & Gas

Offshore Oil & Gas

Daiho Maritime was formed in 1989 to provide barges for nearshore construction projects undertaken by Daiho Projects Services. After contributing success to the latter company, Daiho Maritime expanded its services to offshore oil and gas. In 2008, the company began through the charter of the Daiho I barge to an international oil company for their exploration activities in offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

To expand the Group’s presence into the offshore oil & gas sector, Daiho Energy Services was formed in 2007 and started its business by collaborating with engineering partners to provide turnkey solutions for marginal oil field development. Daiho Energy Services built the Daiho II, which was one of the key equipment that contributed to the success of our turnkey solution. In fact, the use of the Daiho II helped our client achieve the first oil production 16-24 earlier than the conventional method at 12% lower CAPEX and 45% lower OPEX.

Daiho Energy Services intended to pursue its main ambition that is to provide sophisticated transportations and low-cost solutions to international oil and gas players. In 2012, the company built the Cape Support 1 – a double-hulled, specialized barge that can enhance offshore oil and gas exploration activities. Equipped with numerous features, the Cape Support 1 can improve efficiency in fluid storage, tank cleaning and tank maintenance, as well as reduce risks of cargo contamination. The barge also has multiple functionalities as it can be outfitted as a mud barge or mini FPSO/ well-test barge.




For more details on our barges for Offshore Oil and Gas projects, visit:
– Daiho II: repeatable float-over installation barge for topsides and jackets over marginal fields
– Cape Support I as a Mud Barge: for drilling mud storage, treatment and transportation
– Cape Support II as a Mini FPSO and a well testing barge


Power Generation

Power Generation

Mobile power generators have become crucial tools for urgent power deployment and short-term power development in many countries. We can deliver high-quality turbine power generation units faster than conventional power generators.  Additionally, Daiho Energy Services provides the Cape Support Series, a series of our specialized barges that can be integrated with dual fuel engines or turbines.



Generator/Turbine Power Generation Barge (Cape Support series)


Cape Support barge series are suitable for integration with a mobile power plant that offers reliable, fast, and flexible power. Our Generator/Turbine Power Generation Barge offers a fast solution. Its delivery time only takes between 3 to 6 months (for 120MW Pratt and Whitney Mobilepac configuration) and 9 to 12 months (for generator configuration).


Daiho Energy Services


Visit our page about Cape Support series as a power generation barge.


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Near Shore Infrastructure Construction

Near Shore Infrastructure Construction

Daiho Project Services is a Singapore-based company that offers a range of construction support services for projects around the world. Our company started in the late 1980s by providing the barge and equipment for a bridge project in Kenya.Throughout the 1990s, the Company is highly active in providing support services to world projects like Maldive Breakwater project, Singapore’s Sentosa link road project, Chroy Changwar Bridge project in Cambodia. Proceeding into the 2000s, the Company continue to pursue projects in Palau, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, and Madagascar. In 2015, we supplied a 70 Ton Rough Terrain Crane “Kato SR700L” to steel and engineering corporations in Myanmar, and a 5 Ton Tadano Truck Crane to Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Sewerage System project in Papua New Guinea.

Daiho Project Services has extensive experience and proven track record in supplying equipment, logistics, and vessels for near-shore infrastructure constructions. We also have the expertise to advise clients’ purchase of tools that are low-cost, yet, suitable for the project.


Explore Daiho Project Services:
1) Corporate Strengths
2) Past Projects


Our Corporate Strengths



We have a vast knowledge because we maintain our strong networks with the right stakeholders including the Japanese Government.


We constantly visit your project’s site to make sure that the project works as planned. That way, we can inspect the entire process and calculate precisely the cost of your project.



Our construction equipment is in a good condition because it is obtained from Singapore where equipment safety and quality are highly regulated.



We provide strategic solutions by selecting equipment, logistics, and vessels that are low-cost, yet suitable for your near-shore infrastructure construction project.



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Past Projects



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Download our full list of projects: Daiho Project Major Work (57 KB, PDF)