Daiho II

Daiho II

Repeatable float-over installation barge                                                                                                                                                     


From 2008-2013, the barge was on charter to an International Oil Company operating in offshore Sarawak, Malaysia. It was part of a turnkey solution in the installation of customised jackets and topsides designed to be installed by the Daiho II over marginal fields. The combination of the lightweight, low-cost topsides/jackets and the Daiho II technique allowed the oil company to maximise their return on investments from these marginal fields over conventional solutions.

The Daiho II has the capability of installing jackets up to 60m water depth and topsides of up to 1,500t utilising the float-over technique without the use of heavy crane.

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Barge Specification, Features and Capabilities


Classification: Barge ABS + A1

GRT/NRT: 4760T/1428T

Year: 2007

LOA: 100.584m

Beam: 30.48m

Draft: 4.5m

Deck strength: 20T/m


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Track Records


Jacket Installation


Year W.Depth Weight
2009 65 m 600 MT
2010 32 m 450 MT
2011 32 m 450 MT
2011 35 m 480 MT



Topside Installation


Year Capacity Weight
2008 RISER HUB 550 MT
2009 GAS PLATFORM: 155 MMCF/D 1,250 MT
2009 GAS PLATFORM: 155 MMCF/D 1,250 MT
2010 GAS PLATFORM: 155 MMCF/D 1,250 MT
2013 GAS PLATFORM: 155 MMCF/D 1,350 MT



We do not disclose further information on our track records on this website due to privacy reasons. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our company and track records.


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Cape Support 1

Cape Support 1

Newly completed tank vessel specially designed for offshore oil and gas and power generation                                                                                        

Daiho Energy Services provides series of Cape Support barges – an avant-garde, first-of-its-kind type of barge specially designed for Offshore Oil and Gas and Power Generation projects. Cape Support 1 was delivered in 2014 and is a joint-venture partnership between Daiho Energy Services Pte Ltd and Pacific Radiance Ltd. The barge can be outfitted as a: 1) Mud Barge, 2) Power Generation (Generator / Turbine), and 3) Mini FPSO AND Well Test. Additional Cape Support series are currently under development and are expected to be delivered in 2017.


Cape Support 1 – Features & Capabilities



Constructed in PT. Anggrek Hitam Shipyard in Batam, Indonesia – Cape Support 1 was built in accordance with ABS Standards


This Double Hull Dimensions are 112.5m x 28m x 8.5m (Draft 6.8 m). It offers 35 storage tanks underdeck with Liquid Capacity ≈ 13,000 m³



The tanks have segregated design for the storage of multiple fluids with center tanks are capable of fluid storage up to 2.5 SG



Tanks’ walls are stiffened without the use of horizontal stringers. Sump pits are provided in all tanks. Thus, facilitates tank cleaning and maintenance


Our innovative tunnel system reduces the risk of cargo contamination by preventing liquid cross-over into another compartment


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Our series of Cape Support barges can be outfitted as a:
1) Mud Barge
2) Power Generation Barge
3) Mini FPSO + Well-Test Barge